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You'll find step-by-step instructions on how to remove carpet stains of virtually all types here. Sometimes specialized cleaning products and professional carpet cleaners are needed, but you can get out many stains easily by yourself, using what you already have in the house. And you can get started right here...

How to Get Out Carpet Stains - Basic procedures.

What to Do About a Permanent Stain - Diminish, hide, repair.

What's the Best Way to Clean Carpet? - Not all methods are equal.

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Organic Solutions for Pet Stain Removal - Even the most well trained pets have accidents. Cleaning up after a dog that has lost bladder control or a cat that urinates on the carpet can be a worrisome task. Using conventional urine stain removers that contain chemicals and are overloaded with fragrances can be hazardous. Here are some organic methods to remove pet stains and eliminate the offensive odor. These steps are... Continue reading here...

How to Remove Coffee Stains - The following instructions explain in detail how to remove coffee stains from carpet, but the truth is you might only lighten them. Sometimes they simply won't come out, so after the cleaning instructions we'll briefly look at your other options... Continue reading here...

How to Remove Ink Stains From Carpet - New Video and Tips - Follow the steps here and you can get out most marks made from pens or ink-based markers. Removing ink stains from carpet isn't as tough as you might think, especially if you get to them before they have been there for too long. But if they do turn out to be permanent or can't be lightened enough to make them unnoticeable, you can... Continue reading here...

Wet/Dry Vacuum - A shop-vac is great for cleaning stains, or at least for removing spills before they become stains. Repeatedly wash and rinse the area of a spill and suck the solution out each time. This is more effective than blotting up the water with cloth, mostly because with the latter you won't have the patience to wash, rinse and extract enough times.

Save Extra Pieces - You can often repair carpeting that has been stained, even if this means replacing a larger area. But to do so you need to have an exact match, so save the extra pieces when you have your home carpeted.

Vacuum Often - Dirt acts like miniature knives when it is ground into fibers, causing damage that can shorten the life of your carpeting. To prevent this, vacuum those floors often.

Detailed Instructions for Removing These Carpet Stains...

Acids - Start by neutralizing the acid.

Asphalt - Prevention tips are covered too.

Beer - The odor is the issue.

Berry Stains - These are not hopeless.

Bleach - Hide and cover the damage.

Blood - Use a simple household product.

Burns - You can make them invisible.

Candle Wax - Start with a brown paper bag...

Candy - A sticky problem resolved.

Cat Urine - Eliminate the odor.

Cheese - This is an easy cleanup.

Chewing Gum - There are a couple tricks.

Chocolate - There are two methods that work.

Coffee Stains - This can be a tough one.

Crayon - The red ones are the worst.

Dirt - This is of the easier ones to get out.

Dog Urine - Use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

Dog Poop - Not a fun job; but here's how.

Soft Drinks - Water will get most out.

Dye - These can be tricky spots.

Egg - Here are some easy instructions.

Fruit Juice - Get it before it goes deep.

Glue - Procedures are very different for this.

Gravy - Clean it up fast with these steps.

Grease - Start with plain unscented dish soap.

Ink - Use rubbing alcohol, but carefully.

Ketchup - You can get it out even when dried.

Kool Aid - The red varieties are the toughest.

Makeup - This is another job for isopropyl alcohol.

Mayonnaise - Get the greasiness out completely.

Mildew - There are mild and severe cases...

Milk - The odor does not have to linger.

Mustard - This is one of the toughest of all.

Nail Polish - Use nail polish remover, of course.

Odors - Cheap tricks and expensive ozone treatments.

Paint - It isn't always as difficult as it looks.

Perfume - The first step involves white vinegar.

Permanent Stains - Should you hide or repair?

Pet Stains - Organic Methods

Playdough - Here are some simple steps to follow.

Poop - Remove the mess and the smell.

Red Stains - Use an iron and dish detergent.

Rubber Cement - Rubbing alcohol to the rescue!

Rust - Lemon juice is one alternative to try.

Soot - Dealing with small and large spots.

Soy Sauce - Use ammonia to start the process.

Tar - It isn't easy, but it can be done.

Tea - Try white vinegar and warm water.

Toothpaste - You can use common cleaners.

Urine - Get the odors out as well.

Vomit - It can damage the color of the fibers.

Watercolor - Tips for messy artists.

Wine - You can use white vinegar and dish soap.

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I spilled kool aid on the carpet two days before re-signing the lease (with inspection) on our house. I tried all the cleaners, but some kool aid always stuck around. This method destroyed the red stain in my carpet. I love this, thanks so much! - Jason A


How to Remove a Stain

Watch it being done to understand the basic procedures.


For organic methods to remove pet stains and eliminate the offensive odors, see:

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