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Should you consider bathroom carpet or stick with washable rugs? Without a doubt rugs are the way to go in most circumstances, but just in case you already have a bathroom which is carpeted, there are a few tips further along for keeping it clean and sanitary. First, lets look what kind of rugs to use and how to keep those clean.

There are several types of rugs you can use in a bathroom. The most common ones are rubber-backed. They typically come as a set, with one rectangular one and one which conforms to the base of the toilet. Whatever kind you choose, look for ones that can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the clothes dryer.

Other rugs which are too big or too fragile can be sprayed down with a hose outside, and hung to dry. But if you have a choice it is better to stick with machine-washable ones. With these you are far more likely to keep on top of keeping them clean. Wash and dry them alone rather than with other items that are not from the bathroom.

If you do have a carpeted bathroom--I've seen several homes with them recently--vacuum it regularly of course. Also use a little carpet powder to remove odors. These are the typical powders that you sprinkle on and vacuum up. Leave the powder in the carpet for a while for best results, and even work it in with your fingers (and wear gloves or wash your hands well afterward.

It is also a good idea to apply a disinfectant spray to the floor from time to time. Just coat the whole bathroom area lightly and leave it to dry for a little while. The common sprays will kill most bacteria which are anywhere near the surface of the carpeting.

For deeper cleaning, when hiring a professional be sure they use a hot-water extraction unit. The dry cleaners will not generate the high temperatures, which can help kill any little critters deeper down in the fibers. Ask that they do an extra pass when cleaning the bathroom.

Finally, if you do have carpet in that bathroom, don't keep it forever. When the time comes to replace it, consider using tile or linoleum.

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