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The most important of these suggestions? You'll find it at the top of the list below. Use the five other tips as well, and you'll get years more use from your carpet.

Top Six Carpet Care Tips

1. Keep Carpet Clean

Dirt and sand act like thousands of little razor blades that cut carpet fibers. Damaged carpet stains more easily, and it's harder to remove the stains from it as well. So if you vacuum often to remove dirt your carpet will last longer.

2. Use Rugs

Place rugs outside and inside the front door, and at any other entrances as well. They can catch much of the dirt that people bring in on their shoes. That means less vacuuming and longer carpet life. Be sure to shake out those rugs once in a while, of course.

3. Remove Shoes

Having no shoes worn in the house is a sure way to make carpet last longer. If you have a nice home with nice carpet, people usually aren't offended by this policy. Alternately you can have a tiled area near the entrance and only carpet some parts of the home--with the rule that shoes come off for those rooms.

4. Clean Stains Quickly and Properly

If using a cleaning solvent other than water, apply it to a cloth first, and work it in from the outside of the stain to the center, so you don't spread the spot. Apply the cleaner, extract (blot), rinse, extract, and repeat until you can't get more of the stain out. Extract solvents completely, and dry the carpet quickly when you're done. If there is any stain remaining deeper down in the carpet, quick drying prevents it from wicking up to the surface.

5. Use a Shop-Vac

A wet/dry vacuum cleaner (also known as a "shop-vac") is a great help when cleaning stains. You can't just suck out the stain, but you can repeatedly wash and rinse the area, and suck the solution out each time.It's more effective than blotting up the water with cloth, mostly because you won't have the patience to wash, rinse and extract enough times if you're using paper towels or cloth.

6. Vacuum Before Cleaning

Before you or your professional cleaner get started, vacuum. This makes the whole process more effective.

7. Clean Properly

If you use a portable carpet cleaning machine, at least get the water as hot as you can, and dry the carpet quickly, using fans to move the air around. You won't match the results of a good truck-mount hot water extraction unit. However, if you want to save money, doing your own cleaning can lengthen the time between expensive professional cleanings.

Do you want carpet clean enough for the kids to play on? Want it to last for years longer than normal? Just follow the guidelines and tips here.

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