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Carpet stain removal procedures are listed below for most common carpet stains, with links to pages with more detailed instructions. If you have a stain that's not on the list, follow the procedures on the page, How to Get Out Carpet Stains of All Types. We recommend that you read that page first in any case, so you're familiar with the general guidelines for carpet stain removal.

Acidic Substances: Strong acids are found in batteries, some tile cleaning compounds, and some drain cleaners. Refer to the page; How to Clean Carpet Stains: Acids, for detailed removal instructions.

Bleach: Bleach stains on carpet can't be removed, since the dye has actually been removed from the carpet. A carpet cleaner that does dyeing can spot-dye the bleached area to match the surrounding carpet. For more options see the following page: Remove Bleach Stains.

Blood: Blood stains on carpet will come out if you get to them quickly. Heat will set the stain, so use only cold water with your cleaning solution. For complete instructions, see the page; Blood Stain Removal.

Burns: See the page; Carpet Burns - How to Repair Them. This covers genearl burns and cigarette holes.

Chewing Gum: See the page; How to Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet.

Coffee: Use carpet coffee stain removers sold at Walmart and other stores. You can also try white vinegar. Heat the area with a hot, wet cloth, dab with vinegar, rinse, extract, and repeat. Dry the carpet well when you are done. More detailed instructions can be found here: Coffee Stains.

Dye Stains: Dyes from medicines, foods, cosmetics, crayons and other household products each react differently with carpet. Try the procedures on; Get Out Carpet Stains of All Types. If the stain is permanent, it may be possible to hide it by spot-dyeing. Call a carpet cleaner that does this. You can also find some options here: Dye Stains.

Fingernail Polish: Apply non-acetate fingernail polish remover to a white cotton cloth and dab the area, working from the edges towards the center. Leave it for a few minutes, then blot it, rinse it, blot it, and repeat if necessary. For more detailed instructions see: Removing Nail Polish Stains on Carpet.

Ink: See the page; How to Remove Ink Stains From Carpet.

Kool Aid: See the page; Kool Aid.

Mustard: Depending on the type of mustard, it may be necessary to cut out the stain and insert an undamaged piece of carpet. Try general cleaning procedures first. See: Remove Mustard Stains

Old Stains: If you have tried some of the procedures here with no luck, you might need professional help. You can also check out the page: What to Do About a Permanent Stain.

Red Stains: See the page; Kool Aid and Other Red Stains.

Red Wine: Extract the remaining liquid (blot or vacuum). Apply white wine. This recreates the initial conditions, especially on old stains, making it easier to remove. Extract and repeat, or do this in conjunction with a commercial spot cleaner. Rinse well and dry the carpet quickly. Also see Wine Stains on Carpet.

Rust: If it's a fresh stain, try general cleaning procedures. Professionals can remove most rust stains, but the chemicals used can be hazardous for casual use. Also see: How to Remove Rust Stains.

Urine: See the page; How to Get a Urine Stain Out of Carpet.

Wax: See the page; How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet.

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Carpet stain removal for other types of stains not listed here may be accomplished using the general procedures found on the page; How to Get Out Carpet Stains of All Types.

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