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If you have a cat you have hair problems. It is likely to be all over your furniture, carpeting and bedding as well (if you allow them in your bed). You have probably noticed by now that it is not easy to get rid of. Here are some removal tips to help you.

Cat hair is not easily picked up by a vacuum cleaner, although this can be a good first step to get the majority of it. So go ahead and vacuum the carpeting and rugs. Take the attachments and attack the couch and chairs this way as well. Then read on for how to remove the remainder.

If you have small rugs, or if the cat hair is in the bedding, you can use the dryer. Don't pack it too tight. If there is a lot of cat hair to remove, you may have to stop the dryer every couple minutes to clean out the lint filter. Ten minutes will get rid of most of the hair.

The Hands-On Approach

There isn't much that works better than the human hand for removing cat hair. Just run your hand across that couch or the cat's favorite spot on the rug. You'll collect a small ball or bunch of hair. You can clean their carpeted "kitten condos" and scratching posts in this way too.

The only problem with this method is that you will wear out the skin on your hands if you have very much to clean. An alternative is to wear rubber gloves, but make sure they're rubbery, and not plastic. You may have to experiment a bit to find the right ones.

The video here shows a carpet that is just saturated with cat hair and demonstrates a way to get the hair out using a "magic brush":

You can also use the sticky lint-removers to take fur off of bedding and clothing. These would work well on carpets or furniture, but it takes too long and it uses too many sticky pads (making it an expensive procedure). For quick cleanups of your sweater before you go out, you can also use any old self-adhesive address labels you have around.

Finally, there are a few new cat hair removal tools being sold now. They seem to work best on upholstered furniture. Whether they work well on carpeting or rugs depends on the texture of the fibers and how thick the pile is. Experiment is called for.

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