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Weekly Checklist for House Cleaning


Here is a weekly checklist for house cleaning. You can select the text and print it out or first modify it for your own house cleaning needs.

____ Pick up things
____ Wipe down windowsills
____ Wash windows if necessary
____ Clean blinds
____ Vacuum curtains if necessary
____ Dust tops of doors
____ Dust fans
____ Dust furniture
____ Make beds.
____ Vacuum all carpeting
____ Vacuum out couches and chairs
____ Shake our rugs
____ Wash cupboards
____ Wash all dishes
____ Sweep floors
____ Mop floors
____ Clean refrigerator
____ Dust or vacuum refrigerator coils
____ Straighten out cupboards
____ Change kitchen towels and dish rags
____ Clean bathroom
____ Clean and disinfect toilet
____ Wash mirrors
____ Wash our tub/shower
____ Clean and disinfect sink
____ Clean lint trap on dryer
____ Throw out garbage
____ Clean cat litter area
____ Replace air fresheners
____ Straighten out entrance areas
____ Wash bathroom matts, toilet seat cover
____ Clean oven
____ Clean microwave
____ Put dishes away
____ Clean pet food and water bowls
____ Check off everything on your list

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