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There are hundreds of ways you can save money with all of the cleaning tasks around your home. But some methods might require too much work for the savings, or might not get the job done right. A good example of one way to save money that is both too much work for most people and isn't very effective, is doing your own carpet shampooing. You spend time and money to go rent a portable machine and then you have hours of work ahead, all to get the carpets "sort of clean" (there is no comparison with a professional steam cleaning system).

Fortunately there are many cheap ways to clean the house that are effective and are not too much trouble. Some of the best of those cleaning tips can be found right here...

Clean Your Own Carpet Stains

While we do not recommend shampooing your carpet yourself, stains are another matter. Even coffee spills and ink stains can be removed using cheap solutions like hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol, so why spend the money for a professional cleaner? There is a lot of great information right here on this website, so you can easily find step-by-step stain removal information.

Use Vinegar for Glass Cleaning

You may have heard that plain white vinegar is a cheap alternative to expensive window cleaning products. You might have also heard that people use newspapers with it to avoid streaks. This works, but not always. Commercial cleaning products sometimes leave a waxy residue on the glass, and then when you try out that vinegar and newspaper you get streaks. A bit of dish soap solves this problem. Here's the basic formula: Mix 3 ounces of vinegar and a quarter-teaspoon of liquid dish washing soap into 12 ounces of water. Put it in a spray bottle and you're ready to clean windows and mirrors without leaving streaks.

Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

You can make your own dryer sheets for less than half the cost of the ones you buy. Simply soak wash cloths or other small pieces of cotton fabric in liquid fabric softener, wring out (and save) the excess, and hang them up to dry. They are then ready to use. Just put one in with a load of laundry, These can be used up to about ten times before you'll need to prepare then again with more liquid fabric softener.

Clean Toilets With Vinegar

If you get your white vinegar in the gallon size jugs it is very inexpensive. For cleaning toilets pour about two cups in and let it sit for a few hours (overnight if you do it before going to sleep). Then use your toilet brush to quickly clean the sides and flush. The acetic acid in the vinegar will kill mold, bacteria and viruses. Because of its acidity it also removes mineral deposits caused by hard water.

Clean Cat Hair With a Rubber Glove

If you have a cat you know how much its hair can spread around the house, and how tough it is to remove it from upholstery and carpet. The vacuum cleaner can never quite pull it all loose. But rather than buying an expensive cat hair removal tool, just put on a latex glove and wipe your hand across that couch or rug. The fur should ball up into clumps that can be easily picked off. In fact, a bare hand does the job just as well, except you'll wear out your skin before long.

Freshen the Air With Vinegar

Yes, vinegar is a useful thing to have around the house, and no your home will not have a "vinegary" smell if you clean with it (but use only white vinegar). In fact, you can put vinegar in a spray bottle and use it to spray garbage cans, stinky rugs and even shoes. It will neutralize odors, and lose its own odor as soon as it dries. You also can apply it to a cloth or sponge to wipe down refrigerator shelves and other surfaces to clean them and remove odors. In addition to saving you money, all of these ways to use vinegar are also very environmentally friendly when compared to the usual commercial products.

Use Dish Soap for the Shower

Liquid dish washing soap works as well as many commercial tub and shower cleaners, and costs a lot less (depending on the brand that you buy, of course). You can use the antibacterial varieties for extra cleanliness. Just scrub the shower walls with a few ounces of dish soap and rinse it away.

Easy and Cheap Refrigerator Cleaning

Have you noticed how, when you wipe down those shelves and wipe out the drawers in the refrigerator, a lot of the material in there just gets moved around. Pieces of onion skin are especially tough to remove. An easier way is to use your vacuum cleaner. Just use the hose attachment and suck out all the debris first. Then you can save money versus chemical cleaners by wiping it all down with white vinegar instead.

Watch for more posts with cleaning tips, and more money saving tips as well.

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