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Cheap and Creative Home Decor


You might think it has to cost a lot of money for decent home decor, but there are cheaper options. You just have to get creative. For example, a colorful area rug bought at a flea market for $35 can be used as a wall hanging instead of spending $400 for a painting of similar size. Here are a few more ideas to get you going...

Make Your Own Decorative Items

If you live near a beach you can collect sea shells and glue them to driftwood to make beautiful pieces of art. The total cost will be your time and a dollar's worth of glue. If you live where you can collect wild plants you can dry them and make arrangements that would cost $50 or more to buy. If you are handy working with wood you can make a beautiful coat rack from local trees, and it might cost you no more than ten dollars for hooks and other materials.

Shop the Right Stores

There are good paintings and bad ones, but price alone does not determine which is which. For as little as $60 you can buy large oil paintings in some discount stores. Similar ones will sell for five or ten times as much in art galleries, so unless you are investing, just buy what appeals to you at the cheaper places. Another option is thrift stores, where paintings and other wall hangings start at just $5 in some cases.

Re-Purpose Furniture

A decorative end table might be too expensive, while in the same store there are tables for outdoor patios that will look just fine inside. Bar stools that are made of good-looking wood can be used as end tables as well. An old "octopus" floor lamp with several lights can be made into a fanciful coat rack. Think out of the box and you'll have many more options for home decor.

Wait for the Sales

One of the surest ways to save a bit of money when decorating your home is to be patient. Wait until the right item is on sale for the right price. The desire to have it all right now is an expensive one if indulged.

Dress Up Cheap Items

You can often hide the lower-quality furniture you have under something that looks better. For example, you can drape a cheap table with a nice piece of cloth, either as a permanent or temporary solution. You can cover an old couch with a beautiful blanket. An old painting can be put into a nicer frame. Look for ways to keep it inexpensive without the appearance of cheapness.

Talk to Your Friends

People get rid of perfectly good furnishings and home decor items all the time. Sometimes they throw them out, while other times they sell them at rummage sales or donate them to thrift stores. Your mission, if you want to save money, is to intercept those items before they get that far. Talk to your friends and ask if they are planning to get rid of anything soon. You might be surprised by what you'll get for free (or at least really cheap) if you just ask.

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