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Avoid the expensive products and try these home remedies for carpet stains.


Water should be the first thing you try, especially if the stain is new. Most carpets today come with stain-resistant treatments, so many spills can be removed if you get to them quickly. Pour a small amount of water on the area and blot it up with a clan white cotton cloth or white paper towels. Don't rub the spot - just press down to soak up the water and stain.

Add water and repeat the process. When you don't see any of the stain transferring to the cloth or paper towels, that is probably as far as you can go. If there is still a visible stain in the carpet you will need to try something else.


Peanut butter, pudding and other soft solids should be scraped out and and lifted gently with a spoon, to remove as much as possible before you add water or other cleaning solvents.


Some solids can be broken up and vacuumed once they are dry. Just repeat this process until you get out as much as you can. If some staining remains, try to rinse it with water and blot it dry. Only if water is not enough should you move on to other solvents.

Dish Washing Detergent

Dawn dish washing detergent may be one of the best home remedies for carpet stains. Just put a few drops in a cup of cold water and mix it gently. Use this just as water is used in the example above, applying, blotting it out and reapplying as necessary. This works especially well for greasy food stains.

Rubbing Alcohol

Ink and other similar stains can be taken out of carpet using 90% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). You can try the ones that are 70% if that's what you have available at the moment. Don't pour the alcohol on your carpet though. First put it on a white cotton cloth and then dab the stain carefully, so you don't spread it. Blot the area carefully, and don't rub it! Repeat this process until you get the stain out or until you get no more transfer to the cloth or paper towels.

Shop Vac

A basic wet/dry shop vac can be a real help for removing stains. Use it to quickly suck up spills. It's better than a towel, which can sometimes spreads the stain. Use it to suck up liquids as you clean existing stains, instead of blotting with paper towels or cotton cloth.


The specific stain-by-stain cleaning instructions throughout the site include many inexpensive ways to deal with carpet stains. There is a list of them on the homepage.

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