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Here are a few ways to save money on some of you household expenses...

Save on Banking Account Fees

One way to avoid fees for low balances and such, is to use "mental accounting" when dealing with your bank accounts. For example, if the bank account minimum to avoid fees is $100, just consider that to be $0 in your account. Consider it a $100 investment to save $100 or more in fees every year (and you always have access to it in a real emergency).

Home Contractor Savings

When you hire home contractors for major repairs or improvements, have deadlines with penalties as part of the contract. For example, see if the contractor will agree to knocking $50 per day off the price for each day past the deadline. Some people call that a "motivational clause," and it is sure to either speed things up or save you some money.

Repair Instead of Replacing Carpet

If you are considering replacing carpeting because of permanent stains (rather than general aging and wear), you can learn how to repair the carpet instead. Do it yourself and you'll really save money. See our page on how to repair carpet for more on this.

Landscaping Tip

Instead of packing them together, spread your flowers out. Many species will grow to fill the space in any case.

Keep Carpeting Clean

One simple way to reduce the number of times you need to call the carpet cleaner is to put rugs by entrances. Put a rough one outside to catch the heaviest dirt on footwear, and another just inside to get what remains.

Save on Mattresses

Consider buying an inflatable one if you just need an occasional mattress for visitors. Inflatables are cheap and easy to store. An additional bonus is that the bounciness and discomfort keeps your company from staying too long.

Life Insurance Savings

There are a few states that allow agents to rebate a portion of their commission. You can check online for companies that sell policies from these states, and you generally don't have to be from their state to buy insurance.

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy-use statistics are listed on major appliances, and if the difference is significant, it may be worth paying a little more up front to save money over the years.

Save on Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are expensive at first, and you have to buy a recharger too, but you'll usually save money with rechargeable batteries in the long run. It might cost $7 for two size "D" rechargeable batteries, and a few cents more for electricity to charge them, but you can get up to 50 charges or more; buying 100 regular batteries would certainly cost more.

Cheap Winter Clothing

The best time to buy is in February, when stores are trying to get rid of their winter stock and get ready for spring. For example, it is common to see coats at 75% off the usual price.

Computer Deals

The best time to buy computers is during "black Friday" sales or in January, when they often go on sale. Many stores over-stock for Christmas and in January they need to make room for new items.

Reduce Water Usage

You can adjust the ball-cock in the toilet to save water. Most floats are made to be adjustable, but those using metal stems can simply be bent downward to allow it to turn off at a lower water-tank level. Test by flushing to see how much water you really need for a decent flush.

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