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Regular professional carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet, by removing dirt that wears out fibers by abrasive action every time you walk on the rug. High pressure hot water systems (steam cleaning) also kills many things that live in your carpet, unlike rented do-it-yourself cleaning machines. The latter don't generate enough heat and don't inject it deep enough into the fibers to kill many of the dust mites and bacteria there.

The bad news is that a good cleaner can also be expensive. Many people just pay whatever the going rate is for professional carpet cleaning, but the good news is that you won't have to after you read the following.

Save Money on Carpet Cleaning - Eight Ways

1. Get out that vacuum cleaner more often. Regular vacuuming means you'll need professional cleaning less often.

2. Measure your rooms before you call the cleaner. Then ask how much per square foot is will cost. If the carpet cleaner's measurement is significantly different from yours, measure the rooms together while he is there.

3. Help out by moving furniture. But first see if you can get a discount if you move everything yourself before they arrive.

4. Have them clean "traffic" areas only. They may discount for just doing the "traffic" areas, which means they won't move anything, but just clean the visible areas. That's where the dirt is anyhow, and they'll charge for the full square footage of the room if you don't ask - even if nothing is moved.

5. Get a discount for big empty spaces. When having an empty house or apartment cleaned, the square footage rate should be a little less than for a house full of things that have to be moved and worked around. Cleaners love these "easy" jobs, and may be happy to do them for less.

6. Get a do-it-yourself rental machine. Honestly, you'll never get it as clean, but it will be cheaper if that is the ultimate goal. Try to use very hot water, and dry the carpet with fans afterward (these units can't extract the water as well as a professional truck-mounted machine).

7. Get your carpet cleaned off-season. This is when carpet cleaners are desperate for business, and may lower prices or offer special deals on multi-room jobs.

8. Remove stains yourself. You can get free tips on stain removal on this website. See the list of stains with links to step-by-step removal instructions on the home page. The link at the top or bottom of this page will take you there.

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