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You can remove most rubber cement from carpet using the instructions below. Sometimes the carpet dye in the fibers will have been affected though, in which case there may still be discoloration that is permanent. There is a link at the bottom of this page to another that covers what to do about that.

First try to pick out as much of the rubber cement as you can using your fingers. The edge of a spoon or a dull knife can help you scrape it out as well. If the drops of rubber cement that fell on the carpet are primarily on the surface, you might get most of it in this way.

For the rest, apply isopropyl rubbing alcohol (the 90% is better than the 70%, but either should work). Don't use the colored alcohol, and don't pour it on the stain. If it reaches down to the carpet backing, delamination might result. Instead, put it on a clean white cotton cloth and apply it to the rubber cement using that. Rub gently in one direction only, trying not to rub too far so you don't spread the stain. Once you have it all out (as far as you can tell anyhow), you need to get the alcohol out.

To remove the alcohol, use a solution of warm water (one cup) with a few drops of dish washing detergent in it. Apply this several times, blotting it up with a clean cloth or white paper towels each time.

To remove the detergent, use plain tap water. Apply and blot several times.

Lay some paper towels over the spot and weight them down with something that will not be hurt from the moisture. Replace the towels as they get saturated, until most of the moisture is out. You can complete the drying with a fan blowing over the area for hours, or at least open a door or window to allow some air flow. Afterward, give the carpet the sniff test to see if any rubber cement or dertergent remains.

If the damage caused seems permanent see the following page:

Dealing with a Permanent Stains

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