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The Benefits of Wooden Flooring


What are the benefits of wooden flooring? Here are some of them:

1. Low Cost - While quality wooden flooring may cost more than carpet to put in at first, it will not need to be replaced, as carpet will. This makes it a good long-term value.

2. Increases Home Value - Generally, a nice hardwood floor adds value to a home.

3. Less Allergens - A wood floor means less dust and dust mites, not to mention all the other allergens that may be hiding in carpet.

4. Easy And Cheap to Clean - No expensive cleaning is normally required, unlike with carpet. Wiping it down with a dust mop and occasionally washing it is all it needs.

5. Goes Well With Other Decor - Carpet - depending on the color - may not go well with some furniture. But the neutral look of wooden flooring is more likely to fit in well with almost everything you put in a home.

7. Easy Maintenance - You will likely never have to replace a good wood floor. They are tough, and some look good even when worn. In any case, refinishing is a relatively inexpensive way to have a "new floor" all over again.

8. Suitable for All Areas - Even bathrooms can have wooden flooring now, thanks to the latest polyurethane finishes and sealants.

Whether you install "strip," "plank," or "parquet," wooden flooring may be one of the best options you have for anywhere in the house.

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